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We offer Standard shipping rates on any size order within the US.

Our goal is to have your package on its way to you within five business days. This will often be less (our goal is 24-hour turnaround time), but as we are starting out, we don't yet want to make promises we can't keep.

We price quote between US Post, UPS, and FedEx and ship with the most economical. If you have a preference, you may list it in the customer notes, but you may be responsible for extra shipping charges if the difference is extreme. We automatically use US Post for P.O. boxes and rural routes.

When your order is shipped, you will be automatically e-mailed a tracking number.


We do not accept returns outside of a defective product, shipping damages, or our error.


Please contact us if you have any concerns, and we will be happy to speak with you about your order. Please have your account number ready.


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

  • What are the benefits of playing with playdough?
    There are many benefits to playing with playdough, besides just the sheer fun and entertainment it provides! Playdough play: ● Supports cognitive development through problem-solving and builds spatial awareness ● Helps the neurons in the brain make connections, which allow for more complex tasks down the road ● Can be used to help calm feelings of anxiety or frustration ● Develops fine motor muscles, which are needed in order to grip a pencil, draw, write, and cut ● Builds awareness of senses through hands-on play ● Fosters language and social/emotional development through conversations and interactions ● Promotes creativity and imagination Even though playdough is made of quality food grade materials, it is not meant for consumption.
  • How do I keep our playdough fresh?
    Homemade dough is very different from store-bought dough. It smells and feels even better, and lasts much longer when stored properly. ● Dough should always be in an airtight container when not being used. Store in the jar it came in or a plastic bag to keep it in tip-top shape! ● If your playdough has been left out for too long or becomes dry or crystalized, wet your hands and work the dough back to the desired consistency. Adding a few drops of veggie oil can help return your dough to its original luster as well.
  • How can I contact you?
    you can email me at
  • What ages are the kits geared for?
    Our playdough kits are recommended for children ages 3 and up due to small, loose parts that could pose a choking hazard.


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